Live-Data, Real-Time Reporting and BI For Cisco

The ExBee Engage Suite creates a dynamic and highly graphic dashboard — as well as real-time tabular data — that provides instant, and continual insights into the activity in the call center. It’s all-customizable for the unique needs of your center, your business goals.

The Engage Business Intelligence functions give you almost unlimited ways to slice and dice your center data – and visualize it, for easier analysis.

It allows for in-depth analysis of virtually any parameters to help you track progress on various initiatives, and glean useful insights that would otherwise be invisible in the vast sea of data streaming from you center.

Customizable to make it easier to track and analyze different data streams in different ways

In addition, it lets you do in-depth investigations with extensive drill-through and drill-down capabilities.


Interactive supervisor controls:

The capability to “whisper”, listen to or interrupt an agent call as well as change their status. (logging them out of the system.)

Notifications by SMS or email:

Interfacing with the SMS or mail server to update management team as to call center status according to agreed upon KPI’s.

Threshold setting:

Allowing the management team to set standards and get alerts for any deviation from that standard.

  • Interactive supervisor controls
  • Notifications by SMS or email
  • Billboards, widgets, external data
  • Screens for queues, agents, and campaigns Threshold setting
  • Search capabilities