The ExBee Agent/Supervisor Desktop for Cisco

Faster, simpler, more capable

With the ExBee solution, you can empower agents with desktop capabilities that can make them far more productive and effective compared to the standard Cisco desktop.

The interface is more intuitive, and designed to simplify and streamline tasks — while offering agents greater capabilities, as their skillsets require.

ExBee’s real-world use is superior and easier to implement:

  • Intuitive , easy to use
  • Compatible with any operating system
  • Screen alerts can be done through EXE (Finesse does not allow this)
  • No local installation needed


Finesse server-based
Horizontal display with minimum screen presence
Telephony Commands
Real-Time personal data and details
Smart phonebook
Internal chat with agent or supervisor
Support for phone, email, and chat
Rep status control
Silent monitor, barge-in, whisper, call hijack.