The ExBee Engage Suite for Cisco

The ExBee solution offers full localization capabilities to launch content in any language.

ExBee’s ability to transform left to right reading to right to left reading and vice versa is unique and can be implemented in no time.

This comprehensive add-on suite is expressly designed to enhance the Cisco architecture with a greater level of control and visibility into call center operations — with an eye to improving overall call-handling, agent utilization, and long-range planning and analysis.

The ExBee solution requires no major changes or reconfigurations to your base system. It works through integrations and APIs developed through long experience with Cisco — to bring additional functionality to the system through more intuitive interfaces and better integration with CRM related systems.

The ExBee system supports full HA and is compatible and supports UCCX, UCCE, PCCE &HCS. We pull our data from the Cisco system via finesse and do not interfere with the running of the Cisco system. There are no special requirements other than Microsoft licenses. The entire call center management system is done via our IVR applications and managed via the portal.